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kimyasal hammadde tedarikçileri

Kozmetikmadde corporation

Kozmetikmadde corporation was founded in 1990. Kozmetikmadde specializes in supplying ingredients for making personal and home care products. We are proud to be one of the very first companies in Turkey that has established itself as a leading retail supplier of cosmetic ingredients for businesses and individuals. Our corp. distinguished by supplying different sizes and we introduce comprehensive solutions for cosmetic manufacturer and individuals
Kozmetikmadde corp is a registered, ISO certified corp. in Turkey.  We offer a wide range of cosmetic and makeup ingredients, raw materials, and tools for manufacturing personal care products including cosmetic packaging materials and lab equipments . We also offer formulating services and turn key cosmetic manufacturing project.
We are an exclusive internet-based mail order business delivering goods worldwide to more than 150 countries. Our customers include cosmetic manufacturers, laboratories, universities, spas, pharmacies, medical doctors, beauty studios, hair and nail studios, and individuals interested in producing their own cosmetics and personal care products. We are a team of dedicated professionals with various backgrounds including formulators, chemists, cosmetologists, medical doctors, and customer service specialists. Our goal is to provide exclusively high quality products along with an outstanding customer service.
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